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Muck Boot Review

New American Muckboots
Muck boots are made from neoprene - aerated natural rubber - the material used in maritime survival suits.

The Original Muck Boot Company made the first neoprene wellies sold in Europe and they remain the best available anywhere in the World. They are 100% waterproof, Muck Boots are unbeatably warm, comfortable and supportive.

Muck Boots are not rubber wellies lined with neoprene, but are a complete neoprene bootie, with a customised sole & outer shell.

Neoprene is aerated rubber, which makes it exceptionally lightweight; buoyant; warm; stretchy; and supportive, whilst still 100% waterproof.

The neoprene bootie is given a tough rubber sole for outstanding abrasion-resistance and long life. An easy-clean vulcanized natural rubber overlay give durability and protection.

This allows different styles of boot to be made for different uses (e.g. lightweight wellies & shoes for everyday wear; heavy-duty boots for digging or field conditions; & specialist riding wellies.)

Muck Boots come with a 6mm inner sole made from Nitracel™ EVA for additional support and slipper-soft moulded comfort in the footbed.

All Muck Boots are designed for hands-free easy on & off, many have a 10mm kick-rim to allow them to be kicked off without damage.

Boot legs without full rubber overlay will stretch to fit any calf size and can be worn rolled down in warm weather, or to allow easier removal.

Muck Boots are great for festivals, farming, camping, caravaning, gardening and walking.

Original English Muck Boots
Original English Muck Boots have now been discontinued as the production has gone back to America. Therefore we no longer stock the English ones and our remaining boots are at discounted prices.

Muck Boots sold on sale at £30.00 do not come with their one year guarantee

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