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Lancashire Lifestyle Clothing and Footwear Shop. t:01524 791362 e:sales@jccountry.co.uk

John Carr - Centre
John is the owner and the JC in JC Country. He divides his time between the store and the dairy herd that his family have farmed for four generations. John has been farming since he was a boy, back when the milking was carried out in the sheds (shippons) where our shop now stands.

Nicola Greenhow - Left
Nicola started with us in September 2013 and became Manager in May 2015. She deals with the day to day running of the store, e-commerce site, all customer service and accounts. In her spare time Nicola enjoys spending time outdoors with her two daughters.

Judith Gorst - Right
Judith has been with us since September 2010. She is a part time member of staff and deals with customers and merchandizing. In her spare time Judith enjoys socialising with friends, walking with her Spaniels and helping on her husbands dairy farm.

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