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Kanyon Outdoor Yew 2 Wide Calf

Kanyon Outdoor Yew 2 Wide Calf

Ref: yew2wide

• Wider calf fitting waterproof country boot, with side-laced adjustable leg shaft. Fits your leg exactly as you like it.

• This is a really innovtive country boot that looks great and performs superbly in accomodating a wider calf fitting. The Ash has been designed with wider calf fittings in mind - when fully open it will fit a 20 inch calf in size 6.

The Kanyon Outdoor Yew boot is made using water resistant full grain leather with pig suede panels, which gives it a super, rich finish, and a lovely look on the leg. The boot's topline is finished with a scalloped elastic gusset at the back and a riveted strap and buckle to close the boot to your requirements. The side lace is not only functional but good looking!, adding interest and lifting the boot. To stop the lace flapping around, kanyon have added a tie back with a press stud - neat as well as functional.

Price: 160.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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