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Lancashire Lifestyle Clothing and Footwear e:sales@jccountry.co.uk

Kite CLothing Girls Nimbus Snowsuit WAS £45 NOW £22.50

Kite CLothing Girls Nimbus Snowsuit  WAS 45 NOW 22.50

Ref: bg374

• Waterproof
• Fleece Lining
• Integral Cuffs

Kites fabulous waterproof snowsuit is a must for all of that lovely outdoor activity during the colder months. Lightly padded with a fleece lining, cosy leg cuffs and integral turn back mitts we've created a rather special cosy yet practical garment. And with an outer fabric made partly from post-consumer drinking bottles it's doing its bit for the planet too! With poppered on feet up to 12 months only.

Price: 22.50 (Including VAT at 20%)

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