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Skellerup Quatro Insulated Standard length boot WAS £90 NOW £45

Skellerup Quatro Insulated Standard length boot WAS 90 NOW 45

Ref: 2812

• 4mm Neoprene lining tested down to -50 degrees
• Full rubber cladding formulated for agricultural use
• Ankle locking design , with extra stiff counter for extra ankle support

The Skellerup Quattro Insulated is the latest in our additions to our ever growing wellie range here at JC Country. They are our next generation in waterproof boots, combining excellent comfort, traction and overall performance in the severest of weathers. JC Country are proud to introduce The Insulated Quattro to our range as it has quickly risen to becoming one of the best sellers in its kind. With its ergonomic design and specialised cushioned foot bed, the Skellerup Quatro Insulated is a high performance boot specifically designed for the agricultural industry and for those who spend all day long in their boots.

Price: 45.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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